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27th Jul 2017
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Arriving at your front door wearing my fur coat and no knickers, although I'm sure you won't mind if I've my suspenders on and my knee high boots ready to get you stiff on my arrival.... Today feels like a no panties kinda day Ext 2844 1 hour ago
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Private diaries

DiamondDaisy 1 day ago
Today was a blast....
Was out watering the plants, such a lovely morning and so warm that I just had to wear as little clothing as was possible. Tight white silky shorts and a little lacy top(see through, of course).
When i just happened to look up and see the neighbour at the window upstairs looking down at me, well at my cleavage to be exact. So as I gave him a little wave and just as that the hose burst and within seconds it had blasted me right in my face and all over so obviously I was drenched.
Rather than walk through the house dripping wet I decided to strip off my clothes where I stood.
Just as I was peeling off my shorts I felt a hand around my waist and a huge cock against my thighs as I turned to see my neighbor with cock in hand. Hard and throbbing I couldn't resist a touch and within seconds I was blasted again but not with water.. What a day!
TattooedEbony 1 day ago
my first experience with a tranny
Well...this is the first place I wanted to share my experience with! Not so long ago I wrote about wanted to fuck a tranny...well it happened! I proceeded to play with her titties whilst sucking her cock at and at the same time licking her balls. I was even more turned on by the face I had a women at the back of me eating my arse whole out. after deciding to switch positions, I sat on the trannies cock so her cock was up my arse while the other blonde girl with us sat on the trannies face! fantastic experience!!
DiamondDaisy 1 day ago
Well today was a blast...Literally
Was such a lovely day today that I took myself off into the garden. I was picking at the weeds in my shorts and skimpy top as it was so hot out. I then decided I should water the plants.
It was then looked up to see my elderly neighbor glimpsing through his curtains and I couldn't help myself.
I just knew he was watching me wiggling my little ass all over the place so as I went to turn the hose on and the whole thing blasted all over me so obviously I had to remove me top and shorts of course, being all wet and all. It was then I gave a little wave to my neighbor as I slipped my bra and panties off too. Before I knew it he was in the garden with me rubbing his massive cock against my wet little pussy. then he took me from behind and gave me a right blasting..... I have to go gardening more often.
SexyDaisy 1 day ago
Daily Confessions... David From The Cafe
I was at my favourite little cafe on the waterfront when I first saw David. He was slightly taller than me at 5'8" with pitch black hair and piercing blue eyes. His build was a bit stocky but only because of his muscle. Dressed in a tight white t-shirt, heavy denim jeans and work boots, he looked straight out of an ad for an auto repair shop or tyre outlet. As I grabbed my white chocolate Mocha to go, I turned around and walked straight into David spilling my drink all over his white shirt. More worried about burning him than the stain, I tried to lift his shirt to keep the scalding heat off his skin. While I was trying to pull his shirt up he was trying to pull it back down. He actually seemed quite shy about his body. Nothing to be ashamed of, it looked all Vin Diesel under there. I caught a glimpse and froze on the spot with my face turning as red as a beetroot. I eventually remembered where I was and quickly let go of his shirt while blurting "I'm sorry." David was nice and had this deep voice that oozed sex when he told me it was okay. I felt bad and paid for his coffee, offering to take him to my apartment to clean his shirt. I only lived a short walk from the cafe. As I was half his size, there were no spare shirts for David to wear while waiting for his one in the wash. You can imagine what thoughts were going through my head as he stood there with his muscled arms, huge chest and chiseled abs. All of a sudden my mouth felt dry and I couldn't help licking my lips, David smiled because he knew the temperature was rising in the room. I went to the sink to get a glass of water but he followed and came up behind me. His body was so close I don't think there was a gap between us. He placed his hands on the bench on either side of me, instinctively I moved back into him like I was trying to find a way to out. David was firm, he didn't budge and only pushed forward even more. I could feel his hard chest against my back and the bulge in his jeans against my arse. His mouth found the hot spot at the back of my neck, kissing me there which makes me melt. His hands moved to my dress lifting it up from behind. David told me he liked the view, I'm glad I chose to go simple with a little black cotton thong. His hands slid up and down my thighs then up onto my arse. He gave me a little spank to see how firm my cheeks were. I heard David unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans and drop them to the floor. His boxers went down next and I could feel his hard on right up against me. This wasn't going to be anything sensual, it was just going to be him taking me as he wanted. My pussy didn't mind at all, it was already dripping wet. David reached in front to slide his fingers into my thong, between my pussy lips, pushing all the way up to my clit. He wasn't going to put them inside me, that was for his cock. He kept rubbing circles around my clit which made me start to moan. I spread my legs as he moved my thong to the side. I felt the head of his cock pushing against the entrance to my pussy, David was teasing but I knew he wanted inside me. His eight inches did go in quite easily, in and out he kept pumping it. Harder and faster he went at me, we were both moaning by now, he was telling me how hard he was going to take me. I wanted it as much as he gave it. His cock was so deep inside me, I could feel it getting bigger. My pussy was dripping and starting to squeeze tight around him. He kept pounding at me, non stop, just the way I like it. We eventually came together, breathing hard. David's shirt wasn't dry yet so you know we had to go at it again but this time it would be in my California King bed.

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