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14th Nov 2018
cfnm,sph,humiliation,body/ass worship,anal training,sissy training,bondage,chastity device,give pain,smoking,cei,joi ROOM JUST FOR SLAVES!! YOUR MISTRESS IS HERE TO BE SPOILED AND ENTERTAINED!! 2 minutes ago
I like to be admired so i like to tease you!
I like to be touched so i would let you explore my body!
I love to please so i would drive you crazy! I want you to undress me, choose your biggest fantasy and let’s turn it into reality. Let’s take nasty to a whole new level! 4 minutes ago
Submission! Squeezing my tight pussy around your big hard cock. Sucking, licking and gagging on your cock and massaging your balls. Moaning like a virgin when I cum while you fuck me rough... Let’s have some fun 8 minutes ago
Striptease, roleplay, fetishes, playing with my body and make me cum...lets have a great hot fun ... lets get naughty .... 9 minutes ago
Making you feel great, getting you to the point of cumming, give you every pleasure you desire. LETS GET NAUGHTY GUYS XX 13 minutes ago
Wanking, sucking and fucking like a dirty cum slut...Outdoor drive's me crazy ...oh and a girl or two.x What did you say you wanted .... A hard dom.... cum play, if ...... Hahahahha Ex 1959 xx 17 minutes ago
Oral, seriously, when you love to give it becomes easy and pleasurable. The look on the persons face when you make them cum is worth it. I am horny and need to get a good release before work. Lets have some fun 20 minutes ago
I am really good at pleasuring such as blow jobs and fucking really hard. I'll try anything fun and exciting. I’m so horny right now... let’s cum together 23 minutes ago
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 (Panties, bra, Shoes, Stockings, etc...)Orgams, charms, SEXY boobs, tanned,blowjob pantyhose, nylons, fetish, makeup, OUTFITS, humiliation,domination and roleplay I love to seduce men, and of course to satisfy. :-) I do not know any taboos and am up for anything 45 minutes ago
I'd really love to know your dirty secrets, your naughty fantasies, what turns you on so bad that you can't help to orgasm. Show me what you got!! 57 minutes ago

Private diaries

IrinnaMoris 1 day ago
Are you really into cockolding?
Are you really into the idea of having a soft wife who ruthlessly cheats on you and humiliate you?
But like how do you get out of a fetish? How do you stop liking something???
Is the real reason for being a cuckold that you are not able to satisfy your wife or you just love to submit to her wishes?
It says only one male is not enough for a real woman.
Women deserve to be adored more :P

Tazmine 1 day ago
Hot and horny
I've woken up today instantly hot and horny! So I thought why not some play time? I put on my red basque and stockings. No panties! I want easy access to my wet pussy. I lay on my bed and start running my hand over my body. My nipples are rock hard. I have to touch them so take my breasts out of my basque. I pinch my nipples and I can't help but moan. I run a hand down to my pussy. It's so juicy! I rub my clit as I spread my legs wide. I insert 2 fingers and feel the lush wetness of my pussy. I take my vibrator and slowly insert it. Oh my god it feels amazing. I thrust it in and out. My body arching with pleasure. All the time pulling and pinching my nipples. Thrusting in and out of my wet pussy. My juices flowing eagerly. And then I feel my orgasm starting. Waves and waves of pleasure. I'm crying out fuck me as it gets more intense. I'm sure the neighbours can hear me which turns me on even more. I Cumming so hard! Oh yes! Oh fuck me. I'm screaming! Yes yes yes! I cum hard screaming. The pleasure is intense. I love people to watch me pleasure myself like this! Wow!
SexyPamela 2 days ago
The Playroom
Sir found out i'd been a naughty little slut playing with my pussy when he wasn't there & i'd been gang banged by all those workmen so he was angry & decided i needed some pain to remind me to behave. He dragged me to the Playroom full of toys & equipment & stripped off my clothes so i was naked except for my stockings, suspenders, high heels & a tight collar around my neck. Sir tied some rope tightly around the base of those big 36G tits so they were bursting out & attached clamps to both nipples, my legs spread wide open with a metal bar then he bent me over a bench & tied my wrists up to my ankles so my arse was up in the air. Sir attached some heavy weights to the clamps, pulling my nipples right out & really hurting, making me whimper & forced a huge 10" mechanical dildo into my cunt, pounding me so hard & deep with the dildo twisting it around inside me which got me really wet & made me wriggle & squirm while he spanked my bottom so hard with a leather paddle my skin was bright red. Sir then untied me & pulled me by my hair over to a large wheel, bending me over it backwards & tying me up with my head upside down & my hands hanging above me, my big tits & hard nipples sticking up & my legs spread open & strapped to the wheel by my ankles so my cunt was fully exposed. i wriggled & moaned but he ignored me & pulled out a bamboo cane which he used to spank my big tits & pussy with until my skin was red & i squealed with the pain after each hit. Sir then pulled out a 10 row pinwheel which he ran across my skin, pricking me as it moved over my tits, my hard nipples, across my stomach, up my inner thighs & over my pussy leaving red pin marks over my skin. He dug his nails into my tits & pulled my nipples out, clipping bulldog clips onto each erect nipple in turn which really hurt then just as i thought i couldn't take anymore he brought out an electric probe which he ran over my body, sending shocks through me & teased my clit & pussy lips with the probe before forcing the huge mechanical dildo up my cunt again. i wriggled but i was tied up to the wheel so tightly i couldn't move & totally helpless so he could do whatever he wanted with me. Sir turned the machine on which pounded me hard & deep with the dildo, forcing the whole length up inside my cunt & really fucking me roughly so i whimpered & cried, begging him to stop but he just laughed. Sir asked if i was enjoying it to which i replied no which made him angry as no is not a word in my vocabulary so he brought out a huge thick 12" double dildo which he rammed deep into both my cunt & arse & turned the speed up full so it fucked me really hard & stretched me open which made me cry out & the juices drip down. Sir came around the top of the wheel where my head was hanging over & forced his big thick 10" cock into my mouth, the angle making me deep throat his cock nearly down to his balls & i gagged as he fucked my mouth hard. He held my nose so i couldn't breathe & i choked on his big cock pushed down my throat until he filled my mouth with hot creamy cum which i swallowed down like a good whore.
Sir then took a magic wand & rubbed my clit so i was desperate to cum, the juices pouring out but he stopped each time as i was about to orgasm so i was really turned on but frustrated & unable to get away as i was tied up with the double dildo still pounding my cunt & arse. i begged & pleaded to cum so when he finally he allowed me, i moaned loudly with pleasure & wriggled against the magic wand, the cunt juices spurted out everywhere.
i love to be punished & the pain gets me so wet so call me to find out what a dirty little sub slut i really am.
QueenMorgana 3 days ago
JOI with an Exotic Goddess..
Are to rub and tug on that cock for a goddess? I want you to get right down on your knees and wrap those fingers and that hand right around that shaft and start stroking it up and down. You might want to get some lube ready and squirt it right on that cockhead. And grab a hold of the tip of it and start right at the base of that cock as well and all the way up and all the way back down. I want you to take that other hand and grab a hold and cradle those balls and give them a great big squeeze! I want you to massage and fondle them get them ready to burst.. Mmmm.. Get ready to make a mess slut!

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