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30th Apr 2017
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Private diaries

LucyJuicy 2 days ago
Away from 29th April until 7th May
Hey, just to let you know I will be on a long haul flight on these dates. Not long now, just another two sleeps. Would love to catch up with you before I go, to set me on my way :) and for something for us both to remember!!
I will be topping up my tan especially for you. If we don't manage to chat before I good ;) ;) and for sure, we will have some fun on my return......mmm missing you already...Love Lucy XX
Ericka 5 days ago
If You Want to Play
Girls want guys and guys want girls it just go on and on...etc.
There will always be a guy who needs to get his cock off but getting your cock off is not the same as wanting to be with someone because you care about him or her.
There will always be guys who want to get there cocks off and believe it or not there are girls out there who want to have a cock inside of them.
Work, play and rest up for the next time.
HottieLaura 5 days ago
Sunday teasing
All dressed up and ready to leave for lunch, unknown to me you organised a little get together with friends that I hadn't seen in a while. Just before I walk out the door, you hand me my vibrating eggs and order me to slip them in, of course I obey, well this little slut likes to keep her Sir happy. On the drive to the hotel/restaurant, you tease me with your words and your hands stray to pull my dress up and into my tiny pair of panties. Finding myself damp as you slide your fingers up and down the folds of my lips before delving a couple of fingers into my twitching cunt! This elicits a groan from your lips and you withdraw your fingers to taste my sweet nectar. Ordering me to play with myself but not cum was sweet heavenly torture, several times on the journey I was so very close for you to deny me my release. Upon arrival I was ordered to quickly freshen myself up as my juices had run down my cunt and ass and left quite a large damp patch on the leather seat, not to mention you could smell my sex.
I had a fantastic time catching up with old friends that was peppered with you ramping up the vibrations on my eggs and playing with me under neath the table, the highlight of the meal was you following me into the ladies and when I came out of the cubicle you ordered me onto my knees where you gave me a very quick facefucking, spilling your cum down my throat in huge spurts, Oh how I love the taste of you and the feel of you swelling in my mouth just prior to cumming. You help me up of my knees and kiss me gently caressing my face. Telling me that Im a good little slut and will be rewarded later. You leave allowing me to sort my hair and make-up. The remainder of the afternoon you tease my cunt with the eggs vibrating continually inside of me and the whisper of whats to happen later that day. On the drive home again you allow me to play with my cunt and ass, even allowing me to pull my ample tits from the confines of my dress to tug and twist my nipples and self spank myself but again you deny me to cum! Walking up the short pathway to my front door I am fully aware that I have a damp patch on the back of my dress and that my juices are running down the top of my thighs soaking into my hold ups. No sooner are we in the door, you release your cock from the confines of your trousers, you grab me lifting me up, i feel you pull on the ring removing the eggs from my cunt just prior to you thrusting yourself deeply into me, rough animalistic fucking, both searching for release that had been building up all afternoon. I came hard and fast saturating your cock and balls and not to mention the front of your dress trousers. Like the good little slut that I am I cleaned you up with my eager mouth. I do love the taste of myself on you, even better mixed with your own cum. With that tension seen to, Im ordered to freshen myself up and present myself to you in 30 minutes in the play room. With a naughty smile on my face, I climb into the shower, wondering what sort of painfull pleasure is about to be my reward.
ChastityLuv 6 days ago
Dear Diary
I was riding the cock of this hot Englishman and there was soooo much friction! I love men that are uncircumcised and hung! I was sliding up and down getting really moist, my tits were bouncing up and down and he was grabbing my ass so hard it left marks!
Then I went down on him and sucked the tip of his head, licking underneath his foreskin, tasting my sweet pussy juice on the head of his cock.
He was just about to cum deep in my throat when I heard keys in the door!!
My husband was home, My hot Englishman had to jump out the window. *sigh* I hope he calls me.

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