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29th Jun 2017
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Private diaries

Ericka 1 day ago
Not a thing wrong with looking!
This is the time of the year when I can wear all my shorts and short skirts and it doesn't matter which ones I wear, they all show off my curves and my long legs.
Summer time is here and shorts are the way to go to manage those high temperatures during the day. I like those summer breezes blowing around too.
I bet this is why guys love summer too, quick and easy access.
Guys look great in shorts too, all kinds. And those bicycle shorts are sexy.
One has to start somewhere and there's nothing wrong with looking.
SexyDaisy 2 days ago
I Take My Work Colleague To Bed
I'm still breathing hard as John turns me around from the wall to face him. He brushes my hair out my face and kisses me gently on the mouth. One of his hands is cupping my cheek and the other is on the wall beside my head. I try to look down and shy away but he lifts my chin up to smile at me. That first fuck was intense and there was so much heat that I'm surprised we didn't go up in flames. John places his hands on my hips and pulls me forward. We start to kiss again, teasing and tasting each other with our tongues. It's like a tug of war to see who can taste more of the other person. I can feel John's cock pressing against my thigh. My nipples harden and I know that I'm getting hot again. His hands move around to hold my arse and my arms wrap themselves around his neck. He lifts me up, my legs go around his waist and he carries me to the bed. I tease him a little by grinding my pussy against him. My knickers are still wet from my juices mixed with his hot spunk. John tells me to stop or he will cum again in seconds. John lays me down on my back and stands up to remove the rest of his clothes. His cock is hard again and he stands there stroking it for me. Laying there, I reach behind me to unhook my bra and slowly take it off. I slide my knickers down my legs and open them wider to run one hand down to cup my pussy. I rub up and down before sliding two fingers along the slit and up to my clit. John likes this because he starts stroking his cock a bit faster. My other hand starts to play with my nipples that have hardened into little buds. I get on my knees at the edge of the bed and pull him closer to me. I wrap my hand around his cock and squeeze gently. Sliding my hand up and down I start to stroke him. He moans a little while biting his bottom lip and closing his eyes. I tell him it's my turn to take him and he smiles. I kiss his mouth and hold his shoulders pulling him down to the bed. I get him to lay on his back while I climb on top of his stomach to straddle him. My hands are on his shoulders as I lean down to kiss his mouth. I brush my breasts up against his chest and slide my pussy back down his stomach towards his hard cock. My pussy touches his hard on but I carry on and move back so it slides along the full length of his cock. John's hands are on my hips, he keeps pushing me back to get closer to me but I keep teasing him. His cock feels so good sliding along my slit. I can feel the head of it pushing against my clit then moving back down. Each time it gets closer to the entrance of my pussy I get really turned on. The more I grind against his cock the more I want to slide it inside me. Eventually, it becomes too much so I start to put my pussy at the tip of John's cock. I want to fuck John so bad, I want him to cream inside me and say my name as he's doing it. I push back and the tip of his cock goes inside my wet pussy. I slide down, squeezing my pussy tighter as I go, inch by inch. It feels so good inside me that I start to ride up and down, faster and harder. John is pushing up as I come down to get his cock as deep inside me as possible. He reaches up and puts both hands on my breasts, he squeezes my nipples and it's like a shot of lightning straight to my pussy. My knees grip and dig into his waist a bit harder. I reach behind me to grab his balls. I keep riding faster and harder, his cock is getting bigger and my pussy wetter. My juices are running down all over his cock and balls. I lean down because I want John's mouth on my nipples sucking hard. He's piston fucking me now, pounding that pussy. It's just as hot as the first fuck and we cum hard with John blowing a massive load in my pussy.
TattooedEbony 2 days ago
My foursome night
Well I decided to try something last night that's I've been dying to try! A foursome including myself and another lesbian beauty along with two hot bisexual guys. Well the bisexual guys started to fuck, with one being fucked up the arse, The guy who was being fucked up the arse was fucking me up the Pussy while I was on my all fours with me bending my face down while I was licking the women's Pussy! What a great night filled with loads of cum. I do have to say that I did quite lick the taste of the women's cum.
Jolenesexyass 3 days ago
Arse Worshippers
I am a large mature, dominant lady who firmly believes all men are beneath me and as such I like using them to sit my big fat bottom upon. I very much enjoy nothing more than feeling your pathetic attempts to struggle free from my huge buttocks while I laugh mercilessly, farting and bouncing on your face, ignoring you flailing about with your hands tightly hand-cuffed. Smothering your head with my big fat, smelly, hairy pussy lips. The more you struggle the wetter I get when I flood your face with my cunt juices!

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