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22nd Sep 2017
cunna lingus
talking Sex chat? In the library! Love to be watched ;) 2 minutes ago
If I had you all to myself, I'd make you think you'd died and gone to heaven. I love to role play. I can close my eyes at anytime & be who or what you want me to be. Submissive or domanant. Spank me! It's time for us to get down and dirty. I'm waiting to have someone get me hot and bothered! I'm bored! Hurry and call EXT2463! x 9 minutes ago
I'm an expert in domination and the way my lips are set out, blow jobs were just made to be my speciality! Call me :) 15 minutes ago
Getting wet. I love the taste of my pussy and I think everyone should try it. I like to rub a little flavoured lube on my toys, use it, then lick it off. I want my sweet wet pussy on you cock. Feeling slutty ;D Let's start the weekend with a bang! 25 minutes ago
I'm very good at teasing, esp on cam - I love sucking 69ers dogging swinging and 3 sums - I have a lot of other things I love to do, so why not call this hot BABE! WHITE STOCKINGS ,WHITE BABY DOLL LETS FUCK 35 minutes ago
I am a devoted submissive who knows how to please a man or a woman obediently. I love doggy style and spankings. Let's chat 38 minutes ago
Pussy play, use toys, anal, BJ and also more... Just one click and be with me, naughty, free and happy... Hi, guys! Pussy hot and wet want pleasure with tongue and cock... ;) 42 minutes ago
If ur nice, you can call me sweety. If ur sweet you can call me hunny. If ur hot you can meet me now I'm so naughty, i want to show you how hot i can be, come and seeme !!! 44 minutes ago
Anal, dick sucking, licking pussy, DP, orgies, fucking and generally getting you hot. Hear me eat the pussy of that girl you see around. Fuck me tonight. My mouth and my cunt. 51 minutes ago
I am expert in being a kind, caring and loving soul, I will tantalise your senses and make you feel wanted, desirable and let you lead the way. Hello. Ready to take your calls. X. 54 minutes ago

Private diaries

Margaret 1 day ago
Waiting for a ride!
Just have to write this down and I think you will get as horny as I did! I was waiting outside for my Taxi to arrive,wearing a little silky tight fitting blouse and a short black skirt,my hold-up stockings and lovely peep toe high heeled shoes. Well my neighbour walked by and he stopped so we chatted and said he wouldn't mind a ride himself! Cheeky! The Taxi came and my neighbour and the driver knew each other,the driver said he needed the loo so I told him to pop inside,well my neighbour followed too.Both of them said how chilly it was today and they could do with warming up!So I decided my ride in the Taxi could wait...and I would enjoy a ride in my bedroom!Two rides in call me for
AlalyaMinette 1 day ago
You ever think about cute BDSM play?
"You're doing so good, honey!" I chirp, patting your sweaty cheek. You look up at me with weepy, lust-filled eyes and whimper through the cute bar gag wedged in your mouth. I made you undress yourself earlier while I unpacked my things, so other than that gag and the pink bullet vibe strapped against your cock, you're completely nude. I like it that way, dancing circles around your bare, shaking body. I've got a nice comfortable pair of sweatpants on, the ones that say "princess" across the bum, and a frilly bra. Nothing super special, since I usually wear something white and lacy in my day to day life anyway. Making you break down and collapse in a puddle of your own sweat, tears, and cum is just a normal Wednesday to me!
"Are you ready?" I kneel down between your thighs and without waiting for an answer, crank the vibrator way up. You groan and buck your hips and reach toward me with grasping fingers. "No, no, I didn't strap you down this time because you promised you wouldn't get grabby.
I flick your hand away and you obediently put your hands back at your sides. I smile and shake my head.
"Maybe we should do this more often, Baby, you seem on edge." I say. I sit down next to you and rest my head against your arm. You jerk at the completely innocent sensation of my hair sliding across your skin. Your breath is coming in hot, quick pants now. I tap my chin and hum.
"Or maybe we should do this less often? I don't want to wear you out!"
I turn toward you and sit up so my covered breasts are pressing against your shoulder. Now I can undo the buckles that hold your gag in place. It's slimy with spit and drool pours out of your mouth. I carefully lay the bar gag down between your legs and wipe my hand off on your knee.
"What do you think?" I lean in to whisper into your ear.
"I'm coming!" You arch your back and finish with a groan.
"Good job!" I laugh, kissing your cheek.
BrandyGirl 2 days ago
Kinky little phone bitch
I am a kinky little miss and having spent a few days on the phone with some really horny guys has left my pussy wet and a little tender from all the finger fucking that I have been doing to myself. Just listening to all the dirty fantasises has got me so wet and worked up that I lost track of how may times I came last week, squirting my juices all over my bed sheets, and the sucking on my fingers and tasting my sweet pussy on my lips. If only you were really here to fuck me senseless. I wonder who is going to talk me into climax this week?

Librada 2 days ago
Driving goods
So yesterday I was on the way to the forest with my partner and dogs in the car to walk them and a nice day out.

Mid way through the journey he put his hand on my knee and I started getting slightly wet. To make him notice I slipped the seatbelt between my tits and pulled my top down.
I could feel his eyes on me as he pulled over into a layby and he bit his lip, ran his hand up my thigh and over my jeans and he pulled his big huge cock out that was getting soooo hard!

At the first oppotunity I had, I leant right over and started to suck his big, throbbing cock. Really working his tip and teasing the shaft, making him force my head further onto his cock and throat fucking me.

What a view some people driving by must have had, my big fat juicy ass in the air and my head bobbing up and down on this humongous cock. I bet they were loving it.

He ended up throat fucking me a bit more then blew his hot heavy load allll over my pretty face, I ended up licking the rest of it up that had gone over his body and legs.

Oh boy was the experience hot, I tell you what, we fucked so much that day, but the rest of it is for another day.

L xoxo

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