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19th Jul 2018
Sucking dick, men and women fantasy's and also would love dirty little secrets between you and me. I also love oral everywhere Wet horny and waiting for you to call and also on callercam so I can see u spunk xx 7 minutes ago
Expert in offering the best shows online. There is no other like me, I am unique and there is only one way for you to be convinced: join my show, sit back and wank! mmm my kitty wants to play! 8 minutes ago
Sucking cock until it throbs and shoots down my warm wet throat i luv to feel a hard cock hit the back of my throat until I gag 

I'm also an expert at trying new things anything g goes Hi I’ve woke up feeling really horny this morning I would love to tell you all about it hope to speak soon 17 minutes ago
Stroking. I bet you can guess what I like to stroke can't you? Hint: it's long, hard, veiny and full of cream...hehe x BIG NIPPLES AND BIG PUSSY LIPS HERE !!! 31 minutes ago
I am very good at giving head and a bonus is i love doing it, i love the reactions i get from guys when doing it, turns me on so much and makes me very wet. good morning, ive woke up horny today who wants to have fun with me ;) let me make you cum, sound and vibrator in pvt ;) 31 minutes ago
Ass play, rimming, pussy play, blowjobs, and drinking cum... Im a funny and sociable person,kind of a sweatheart,bu t wild in bed! 32 minutes ago
I always want to ecplore and learn new ways to offer pleasure. Some of my favorite things to do while in private are:

- teasing
- roleplay
- live orgasm
- anal
- deeptroath make me cum i love to make sloppy blow job 37 minutes ago
Sucking on cock for ages making a guy wet and sticky then squirting my come down his mouth and making a guy come all over my tits while tit wanking My tits are bouncy this morning come spunk all over them 43 minutes ago
Pleasure,i can make you cum harder than you ever have before and will make you come back over and over again are you ready come get me. Feeling horny need your dick to make me feel better 50 minutes ago
subs, slaves, sissies & pay pigs.
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Private diaries

ScarlettMiss 19 hours ago
Dream Encounter
I'm out with some friend at this restaurant and we catch each other's eye and instantly I know it's you, my online master. I turn away from you and try to re-join the conversation with my friends, but I feel your eyes burning into my back and I wish I'd worn more clothes as I feel your eyes roam over my scantily clad back. I am wearing a black backless dress with a plunge front stopping just by my navel and is now definitely too short for comfort. I turn around intending to give you a haughty stare, but I crumble under your gaze and you beckon me with one long-fingered motion. I excused myself and follow you. We head towards a private dining area at the back of the restaurant and you slip a note to the waiter outside and he unlocks the door and passes you the key. In my excitement, I didn�??t take note of the decoration of the room I only had eyes for you as you locked the door and slowly stalked towards me like a predator watching their prey.
You walk towards me and I back up as far as I can until I meet the wall. Then you stop, spin me around and push me hard against the wall. I feel your strong hands pull my dress up and feel my panties ripped to the side. You insert a finger slowly just enough to tease me and get a response. My knees shake, and I beg you to keep going. You grab my hair and turn me to face you and tell me that you are going to fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk. You slowly brush my cock at the tip of my waiting pussy. I quiver at the thought of what is to come. I'm trapped between you and the wall and you grab my hips and with that, you slam your hard cock inside me all the way. I cry out and you grab my chin and tell me that I must make no noise unless you tell me to. I agree blindly, and mouth fuck your fingers to distract you to give myself some relief while I get used to your huge cock inside me. You start slowly at first allowing me some control as your move in and out as you trace my nipples with your hands as my body responds by erupting into goosebumps. You smirk at me and reach don to focus your assault on my clit and I close my eyes as I focus on being silent. You coax one orgasm out of me with one hand covering my mouth and the other gripping my arse tightly.
I maneuver myself around to be on top of you on the table and I start to move slowly at first. You pull me down by my hair and look directly into my eyes and start fucking me harder. I bite my lip so hard I drew blood to keep myself from crying out because I know people are in the next room. I tell you that we better hurry because my friends will come looking for us and you respond by increasing the pace and I teeter on the edge of a blissful orgasm. I squeeze your hands which are on my waist to let you know I'm close and you continue the same pace, ramming in and out of my pussy and I feel your hot cum enter my pussy as I collapse into your arms as the best orgasm of my life overwhelms me. Once I recover you tell me you want to send me back to my friends with your cum still dripping out of my pussy. I make some smartass remark and you bend me over and give me one quick spank which makes me cry out in pain and anticipation you then take my panties as a punishment and tell me I am not allowed to clean up until we get back to the apartment. We walk back to our seats as the waiting staff looks at us suspiciously and all the other guys in the restaurant are watching us and wishing they were you and had just enjoyed our encounter. I'd like to pretend none one was aware of what just occurred but my red face, rumpled dress and messed up hair is a huge giveaway. I say my goodbyes and turn to join you at the door.
Cheeks 1 day ago
Late night's are when I am needing it the most!
Another night all alone in bed and I could use a really good and deep conversation! I just am so ready to be aroused and to return the favor. I mean hi doesn't want to enjoy a little night action before bedtime? I just want to let you hear me out loud moan and scream as I rub on my clit nd stick my fingers inside with such an intenaw orgasm. Then I want to lick my really wet cumed on fingers. Who will contact me to fulfill this urge that I am having. I would love to hear you s well. It truly turns me on!
xonataliexo 1 day ago
Library dayz
Dear diary today is scorching hot 105! So here I am cooling off in the library. It's empty no one here except me and the librarian, which surprisingly enough is a man. He's not that cute, but ugly people need to get laid too- right or wrong? Mmm.. Besides I am throbbing and there is only one thing I can do about it and that would be play with this vibrator until he approaches me.he he! I you could here a pin drop in here it is so quiet so he must here the vibration as well.I wonder what he is thinking.
Ericka 1 day ago
Sexy Summer Body Baby.
I have my beautiful summer tan now my new summer dresses will look so hot on my
sexy summer body. I love all my new chooses, pastels blues,pinks, turquoise and oranges
in those tight summer skirt and dresses.
I know I won't be wearing much at all later. I have taken care of this too with
a sultry tan.
So many sexy looking hot guys so fit. and some riding bikes with those tight
bicycle shorts on, they're looking great.
My date has a great face, nice hair and a hot manly body. When I'm on my date I'll
let him know how much he turns me on. But I'll wait until we get back to his place.

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