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28th Feb 2017
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Private diaries

Poppylove 2 days ago
Naughty Day dream
Me and some of my work colleagues decided to go for a few drinks to celebrate after a long stressful week. Of course i offered to drive because i was planning only to have one drink because I had a long drive in the morning and decided that I wanted to wake up feeling and not hanging out of my arse. The bar was nice and everyone was enjoying themselves including my Boss (cute older guy ) I noticed he was knocking the drinks back.. well they all were but my main focus was him! I dunno what is it but I find him so fucking sexy and just wished I could have my way with him ! I was watching him and he was watching me, we kept making eye contact but I was laughing it off trying to hide the fact that he was making feel turned on!
It got to about 12 and every decided that they were going to stay out later and they said I should go and they will get a cab back and split it.
"Are you sure guys" I said
"Yes poppy go you have a busy day tomorrow but could you take Simon hes got a last minute meeting in the morning at 11am and to be fair I don't think he will be able to take any more shots " said Sophie his pa .
So I turned around to pick up my bag grab my coat and could hear him say no I'll get a cab.. so I walked over and said " Don't be silly it's not out of my way I will give you a lift you wally"
He smiled and replied "come on let's go"
So we both said our goodbyes and made our way to car. The journey felt like ages because I didn't want to say much because I didn't want to realised how much I fancied the pants off of him! By the time I'd got to his place I was needing a wee so badly!
Do you mind if I use your loo, I forgot to go before I left I said as I covered my face in embarrassment.
" Yeah don't be silly of course you can " he replied slurring his words
So we both got out of the car, with him walking in front of me I couldn't help but just stare at his arse just picturing in my head what it looked like naked ! We got inside and he told me go down the hall and turn left and the bathroom is there. I followed his instructions but I ended up standing in the door way to his bed! I just stood there and knew he had made a mistake but I didn't care because I was imagining us having Wild sex! Messing up his tidy bed! Face down in the pillows while he was smashing me from behind!
"Poppy, poppy you alright down there..did you find the toilet" Simon said calling from the kitchen
His voice made me jump right out of my little day dream.
"Yes yes I found it" I said quickly rushing to the bathroom. instead of using the loo In a panic i flushed the chain and may my way back to the kitchen
"Sorry I was just fixing my hair you could have told me it was sticking up" I said giggling trying to hide the fact I was lying.

I told him good night and he walked me to the door, and for about 5 minutes I just sat in my car and thought if only!
OliviaVexx 3 days ago
Dr. Olivia's Unconventional Clinic
It was J's first visit to my practice and it was clear from the start he was in need of discipline as well as a long over due exam.
I stared down his impudent eyes with my steely green ones and ordered him to strip and hop onto the exam table.
Somewhat chastised he did as he was told. However the knowing smirk remained upon his face.
After a brief interview I informed him of the nature of the exam.
As I briskly snapped on the exam gloves I explained the procedure in more detail. He became defensive; sputtering in outrage he said it really wasn't necessary.
"Au contraire My dear J; you are in the system now and must see this through before you can be released."
Realizing he was trapped he grudgingly got back up on the table.
I relished his embarrassment as he assumed the knee-chest postion; his cheeks flushed; his smart aleck demeanor gone.
I gleefully pointed out how exposed and vulnerable he was; his backside up in the air; his genitals hanging limply.
I quickly lubricated my gloved fingers and before he could say a word inserted index and middle finger into his upraised posterior.
As he gasped I grabbed his scrotum, leaned forward and whispered in his ear "Now; bear down and cough".
Too shocked to do anything other than obey; his eager compliance pleased me.
However despite several minutes of probing he remained tense and unyielding.
Growing impatient with his refusal to fully submit I abruptly removed my fingers; ordering him to remain as he was.
"Dr. Olivia what happened? Am I done?"
I explained that in my expert opinion a far more detailed exam would be required before I could mark the exam complete.
As he stammered his confusion I slowly turned and unlocked the cabinet where I keep my array of strap ons.....
OliviaVexx 4 days ago
My Session with X; part ii
Dear Diary;
As I mentioned My first session back was with X and he does love his cock and ball torture.
However he had to please Me first.
First I made him kneel down in front of Me as I reclined back on My leather chaise lounge.
I ordered him to remove My Pradas and worship my lovely feet; suck and lick my long freshly pedicured toes; massage My feet with his strong hands and lick up and down my wrinkled soles.
Once I felt My feet had been properly adored he was ordered to bring me a warm hot towel and a dry one.
After he cleaned and dried My feet he did as he was told; slipping my heels back on and stripping completely and then standing in front of the Cross.
His erect cock throbbed in anticipation as I fastened all four of the locking leather cuffs; ankle and wrist. I taunted him; making him beg for Me to plug in the wand and punish his cock and balls for all his filthy thoughts.
Had he not pleased Me I would have left him there begging. But since he amused Me well enough with his efforts I plugged in the wand.
As the sweet smell of the active wand filled the air I approached him; My face bathed in the violet glow.
NikitaCobra 6 days ago
Virgin Chronicles
Today I was playing with my vibrator, just trying new things, and I got so scared of being anything less than pure. I was reaching down to my clit and was already soaking wet- is this wrong? Should I be saving myself for my husband? I totally disregarded the thoughts I was having, and massaged my clit until I was dripping with cum. I'm still waiting for someone to show me how to please myself and make me more comfortable with my sexuality.

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