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21st May 2018
What you see is what you get all that depends on how you speak with me and how you play with me...I could be the naughty girl next door or the classy lady all gentlemen want. Let’s rock the world together! 5 minutes ago
I am a professional Mistress , an expert in many fetishes but most of all I love mind control and forced feminisation Feel the fever of my DOOM! 45 minutes ago
Making you gorgegous guy's Wank & spunk all over my sexy body.  Lets get Naughty guy's. Let's get panting and puffing to an ultimate orgasam.
Anal, Blowjobs, Tit wanks, strappon the list is endless. Hey morning guys call me if you fancy a tugx 1 hour ago
Having hot & sexy fun!! I love being naughty with you but I expect you to be able to tell me what YOU want & what YOU'RE into so I can do my very best for you. I want our time together to be amazing! Good Monday Morning! Come Let Me Tend Your Morning Glory, Drain Your Balls And Send You Off With A Smile That Will Last You All Day!! XXX Ext 0809 1 hour ago
Arriving at your front door wearing my fur coat and no knickers, although I'm sure you won't mind if I've my suspenders on and my knee high boots ready to get you stiff on my arrival.... Jonesy is feeling really horny and filthy today Ext 2844 2 hours ago
Ass play, rimming, pussy play, blowjobs, and drinking cum... Hot brunette ready for fun! Joinmy room guys, u wellcome!! 2 hours ago
Submission, Group sex, public sex, anal, fetishes, kinky, bi & lesbian, role play, rough sex, oral sex Hi there, it’s the gorgeous Alexa here, I’m young sweet and very very naughty. Who wants to come and take advantage of me? 2 hours ago
Dominating you and having you be my submissive sweetheart. We can make it as dirty as you want to go . Ready to be your little bitch tonight . I can’t say no to any of your fantasies and love being controlled . 3 hours ago
My greatest talent is my ability to satisfy you with my mouth. I have an adventurous tongue, deep throat and I love nothing more than when a guy cums all over my face and breasts hey babe, lets play...I wanna hear you blow that big load xx 3 hours ago
I love to be teased and spoiled,my body loves soft touch and tease,naughty games and big orgasm.Let me be the one that take you into a dream world and make you wish for more. My body craves for yours! My pussy wet wants your hard cock!! 3 hours ago

Private diaries

QueenMorgana 2 days ago
He was on his knees
He was just a good slave. He was ready for me. Right on his knees and his pretty red mouth open wide. We had been practicing for weeks now, but he was ready tonight. He wanted to try something bigger, thicker and blacker! I went and got the biggest strap on that I could find and he was ready to take it all. Do you think you are ready to take it all too? Let me tell you, he was a natural. He got right up to it and wrap those lips right around it. I could see just how thick it is as it was stretching his mouth. I leaned down to his ear and whispered, "How does it taste?".
KrystalRepeat 2 days ago
My First Try...
So awhile back I was getting to know this guy I had met up on a few dates with, and one day out of the blue he tells me he wants me to dominate him. I bet I was a pretty ol' picture as I was taken aback by his plea. We hadn't been intimate before then and hadn't really spoken about sex. I assumed he was a bit shy and wanted to wait until we knew each other a bit better. So I sat across the couch from him in my fitted tshirt, denim mini skirt and my lacy black panties, legs comfortably open, and I saw his eyes trace down my body and stop on my pussy. Ooooo it got hot quick. That look in his eyes as he saw what he wanted from me at that very moment. In my head I was thinking, "Why the hell not", so I placed my hand on my knee and very slowly caressed my soft skin up to my inner thigh and held for a moment to see his reaction. He was like a kid in a candy store, his eyes were devouring my pussy even through my already moist panties. As I reached my skirt hem, I pushed it up slightly, making small circles on my skin, giving myself goosebumps...I hadn't realised it, but I had been making this same motion with my tongue at the same time. He definitely noticed. I thought I'd try being assertive with him, after all this was a bit new for me. I told him to get off the couch and get on his hands and knees in front of the couch, facing me. As he got up and did as I said, as he got into position, I started to rub my now wet pussy and made him watch, not touching me or himself. I was so turned on I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum. As I pulled my panties to the side, I slipped my middle finger in my pussy and brought that same finger up to my mouth to taste myself. He really enjoyed this because he reached out with his tongue to try and get a taste of my pussy. I quickly closed my legs and gave him a "oh hell no" look, to which he smiled at me and got back into position. I carried on fingering myself for a few minutes, moaning and panting quite heavily, while my eyes were still on him, watching his every move. It turned me on to no end watching him go stir crazy as I pleasured myself without him being allowed to touch me in any way. I realised then and there that I was super turned on by this new found power I had over this man. As I slipped my middle finger in and out faster and faster, my juices multiplying as I finger fucked my pussy deeper and deeper, tickling my gspot, I felt it coming hard and fast. I came so hard with my finger buried deep in my pussy I felt the walls of my pussy contract around my finger and knuckles of my other fingers. While still watching him, I finger fucked myself so fast that I screamed out as I came again in quick succession. It felt amazing denying him my body and for him to pleasure himself while I was making myself cum. He licked his lips and begged for me to allow him to clean my pussy up...I made him lick my pussy until I was ready to cum again, which was a fair while as I had just cum twice remember...I tell ya what, best first experience ever.
SexyDonna 4 days ago
whiter shade of pale
i kissed his hard cock
Turned hard 'cross the floor
I was feeling kinda sexy
john called out for more
we was was panting harder
As the ceiling flew away
When he called out for another drink
so I brought a tray And so it was that later
As donna told her tale
That her face, at first just spunky
Turned a whiter shade of pale

if u guys have a song tell me and will do my version he he muah xxxxxxxxx
SexyDonna 4 days ago
paul anka aka loney boy
I'm just a lonely bitch
Lonely and blue
I'm all alone
With fuck all' to do
I've got everything
You could think of
But all I want
Is someone to fuck
Someone, yes, someone to fuck
Someone to kiss
Someone to fondle
At a moment like this
I'd like to hear
Somebody say
"I'll give you my spunk
Each night and day"
I'm just a lonely bitch
Lonely and blue
I'm all alone
With fuck all' to do
I've got everything
You could think of
But all I want
Is someone to love
Somebody, somebody, somebody, please
spunk for me
youll make me happy
Just wait and see
I wanked so hard
To the heavens above
That I might find
Someone to fuck
I'm just a lonely bitch
Lonely and blue
I'm all alone
With fuck all' to do

xxx I bow tell me yr fav song and I will change the lyrics

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