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"chillinf for an hour or so :) relaxed in my front room, half naked feeling cheeky! Up for some real naught time tonight if you fancy booking in ;)" 12:26

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KittyKing's Private Diary

Naughty office meeting.. part ONE. Seduction added 25th October, 2016, 15:20

I pull up out side.. its dark. I know hes working alone tonight. Iv been trying to seduce this man for months. Finally i have him alone. Dressed in a fitted knee length dress.. stockings.. no panties.

I walk into the shop and he apears from his office.
Kitty" he says almost shocked but pleased "what are you doing here this late, we close in 40 minutes and im alone, can i help with anything'

Haha. Oh i know all of this.. 40 minutes is enough tonight, and alone is just perfect. Finally one on one, my pussy starts to feel moist already. Control kitty control.

I smile and walk into his office. Take my coat off, revealing the tight body hugging dress.. curves obviously are his thing. He resists and looks away and goes to sit at his desk. "So kitty.. what is it your here for?"

I shift my legs crossing one from the other so he can see the tip of my stocking.. he shifts in his seat. I finally speak as i see him start to swallow nervously.

Well, actualy, its you im here for. My attraction to you hasnt gone un noticed im sure? So i thought id just pop by while your alone, get to know you more. You know, like what your tastes are...'

I stand and lean forward over his desk.. 'like would you be interested in tasting me"

He sits back in his seat unknowing what to say, without hesitation i sit back my self and slowly open my legs.. revealing my pussy.. moist tight pussy, he locks eyes with me.. he seems nervous but its not nerves.. i know he has an animal instinct to rip my clothes off right now.. hes just trying to resist temptation. Thats fine.. keep resisting. I like it.

I slowly move my hand down my tight body, lift my leg and place a long high heel on the desk, spreading my legs wide. My hand slowly reaching towards my pussy, i stroke my fingers up and down, then suck my juices off and mmm to the taste...

I see his suit trousers move, he shifts again.. that's right, get your cock growing for me. How i long to taste that juicy dick.. its only a matter of time! Give in !

I stand quickly and walk to him.

'Kitty, erm, look im really attracted to you, but, its just i cant, you know,.."

"Shhhhhhhhhh. Stop talking' i whisper. He goes to stand but i push him back into his chair.. i lean his chair back and i sit on the endge of the desk right in front of him.

I again open my legs, glossy soft stockings on my legs.. suspender framing my moist tight pussy, i slide my fingers in effortlessly.
'I am this wet for you" i moan "would you like a taste?'

With that i take my fingers and slide them along his lips, he shifts, his cock now bulging. Haha he can't resist. I knew he couldn't.

Suddenly grabs my fingers with his mouth and with a deep moan sucks them clean.

'I knew you wanted it, your weak, you want to feel this tight wet pussy in your mouth, on your cock, ha ha, you want me right now. and i want you. Stop resisting baby. take me'

His look changes, from nerves to desperation, grabs me either side of my arse and pulls my pussy into his face. He burys his tongue deep into my pussy, swirling his tounge around ny clit, sucking on me so good, i throw my head back. I knew hed be good i moan in pleasure as my pussy juice drips down his face fuck im so wet. He slides two fingers in side of me, works them in and out sucking on my clit, it feels so good i hold his head with one hand and grind against him, he gets me so close im about to explode.. i fall back onto the desk he pulls me in deeper.

I cant now take it, i start to scream im coming he keeps going, fuck, im gushing, all over his face, he laps it up licking every last bit of me, as i spasm on his desk.. To be continued...

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KittyKing's Description

Purring Kitty King here for you on Xpanded TV! I may have claws but I can melt like the best of them when you whisper sweet and dirty nothings in my ear on phone chat. I love being on cams too where we can really go nasty! - Kitty King is a stunning Xpanded TV babe and she loves really nasty phone sex and playing on cam so play with Kitty King today!

Personal Number: 8330

My naughty secret: Ooh that I can be quite loud when I am mega turned on! On loads of occasions I have have had to gag myself (or be gagged) - some guys seem to like the loud moans though :P

I would love to: I would love to have sex with more than 2 women. I have fantasised about it for a long time. An all woman gang bang. I love playing with women anyway I get turned on when I see nice legs and good bum. Having 4 more in a group would be my ultimate pleasure.

I'm expert in: Dirty phone sex chat, writing naughty adult stories, dressing up, fetishes, heels and stockings, and orgasms!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
4 hours ago

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