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KittyKing's Private Diary

Dominate you with my huge... (for strap on fetish) added 6th February, 2017, 14:38

You arrive ready, nervous, don't know where to look. SIT DOWN, I demand to you. You sit quickly, and look up to me. Good boy I praise. Do you know what we are playing with today? I pull out my strap on harness and start stepping into it. Mmm feels good to feel so empowered again. I want your arse today, and I'm so horny so I'm probably going to go hard! You better be ready for me!

I open my draw and have a row of cocks.. all sizes and colour... which one do you think I should pick huh??

You pick a medium one, well I'm pleased it wasn't the smallest, and you should be too or else id of then choose my biggest just to prove a point!

I am feeling nice so I decided the next size up is best ;) ...

Get naked. NOW... you undress.

I'm ready for you, you lay on your back and I tie your hands above your head. Tight. You cock is already hard haha! I laugh at you.

I stroke my finger down your hard dick, over your balls to your arse, teasing you with my finger, I spit down and you watch as it leaves my mouth, and hits your balls. Trickles down to your arse where my finger finds it and eases inside of you. You groan a little.. I ram 2 fingers in deep... don't make such pitiful noises over one little finger! Your shock and instant body movement makes me smile! haha Why still so hard! Horny fuck you Love it! You want this hard cock don't you! I straddle your face and first have you licking my pussy, tongue sliding up and down pleasuring me. Getting that pussy juicy wet, dripping all over your face. mmm do I taste good?

I start to pull down your face and my strap on and cock then pass your face.. Open your mouth! Suck it! Its going in you next so I suggest you do a good job. You take it deep like a good boy, gagging, your hands straining in the ropes as I push it in and out. Enough? You beg for me more.. either you love sucking it for me or your delaying time until I fuck your tight arse!

Your cock is throbbing now, pre cum dripping down. I brush my mouth and lips past you.... yes you wish haha as I sit upright and bend your legs backward, I tease my cock around your arse, edging the tip in, pushing in and out just the bell end. That feels good right, your moaning, begging me for more. Fuck me kitty please fuck me. Your hands pulling on the rope, marks on your wrists, I slide inside fully as I grab your hard dick. I start to fuck you hard, all the way in deep. OPEN YOUR MOUTH. I spit down into your mouth, yiur filthy horny little fuck, you love it your dirty bastard. All this teasing got you wanting to cum hasn't it you dirty little twat. Well I want you to and I'm going to cound you down! You WILL cum for me in 10..I want that cock exploding of hot spunk. 9..
7.. you horny fuck..
3.. don't you dare cum until I fucking say.. your cocks begging for it
mmm you horny little bastard
Cum for me you dirty fucker, while my cock is deep in your arse! that's it! Its on my hands and you suck my fingers.. cock still deep in you!
You dirty little fuck, did you love it!

Haha! Get your self cleaned up, until next time ;)x

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KittyKing's Description

Purring Kitty King here for you on Xpanded TV! I may have claws but I can melt like the best of them when you whisper sweet and dirty nothings in my ear on phone chat. I love being on cams too where we can really go nasty! - Kitty King is a stunning Xpanded TV babe and she loves really nasty phone sex and playing on cam so play with Kitty King today!

Personal Number: 8330

My naughty secret: Ooh that I can be quite loud when I am mega turned on! On loads of occasions I have have had to gag myself (or be gagged) - some guys seem to like the loud moans though :P

I would love to: I would love to have sex with more than 2 women. I have fantasised about it for a long time. An all woman gang bang. I love playing with women anyway I get turned on when I see nice legs and good bum. Having 4 more in a group would be my ultimate pleasure.

I'm expert in: Dirty phone sex chat, writing naughty adult stories, dressing up, fetishes, heels and stockings, and orgasms!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
24 May 2017

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