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Zorina's Private Diary

Page, fact or fiction part four added 16th May, 2017, 21:44

We lay back in the luxurious bath and just breath. We look at each other across the empty void and just stare deeply into each other's eyes. We haven't smiled at all as there is no need for it. What we need to do is to look deeply into those mirrors of the soul that confirm that indeed, we travelled many road in our past lives but never came together.

It is our time now and while we only have tonight as we have to return to our partners, we will give and take everything we can. It is so bittersweet I cannot describe the feeling.

It is joy, bliss, love of the deepest kind, respect for each other's bodies, lust, ancient sexual desires and so much more.

As we look across at each other, we stretch out our legs and his toes find the entrance to my vagina and my toes feel for his beautiful penis. We rub each other and this time we do smile as we manage to stimulate each other, yet again.

He hardens and I feel that wave if pure sexual bliss, run down to my loins. Once again, I move towards him and it is the most natural thing in the world, for me to sit astride him and his penis finds my opening so naturally. No need for hands, it knows its own way home

This time I put my hands on either side of the bath and start to move up and down on him. Oh how deeply he is buried inside, I cannot believe it. If anyone had ever told me or I had read that such feelings could exist, there is no way in this wide world I could have believed it and now, I fully and wholly understand what addiction must be like.

It is exciting, painful, glorious and a plethora of other wonderful mixed feelings and you just never want it to go away, but of course, in our situation it does.

Of course, if either of our partners went away and we found ourselves able to be together, we would, in a breath without any thought for anyone else. I hope that our time might come, we never know except that he does have commitments and I totally understand.

So as continue moving up on down on his hard penis, even under the water, I can feel every inch of him inside me and I grip tighter and tigher as if life depends on it, and of course, for us, it does.

We must take from tonight, every ounce of love that we can, because that it is what it is. Yes of course it is also sex of the finest kind, but it is something much much more.

Once again we climax in perfect harmony and we lay back on our sides of the bath again.

When we get out of the bath we dry each other off, but don't quite finish it as I feel the need to kneel between his legs and take him in my mouth.

I want to experience the feel of this magnificent man, thrusting into my mouth and I want him to ejaculate and drink him and so be it. It happens and he tastes so good.

He then holds my hand again and leads me back to the bedroom, where he lays me on my back and opens my legs wide apart and puts a pillow under my bottom.

His head then moves between my legs and with his expert tongue he licks me and caresses me until I too explode with a wonderful squirting motion. I also loved the way he nibbled at my clit and caused me so much pleasure, again.

We then go head to toe and taste each other at the same time, he licking me, I sucking him and we do this until the inevitable happens.Unimaginable.

If someone told me last week, I would actually have met my soulmate and that it would be like this I would have laughed.

I want to say that I won the lottery tomorrow, it couldn't nor wouldn't mean a thing to me because tonight, we both got what we wanted in life and soon it will be time to part and I don't know how we will deal with that. Fact or fiction xxxx

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I love to experience hot, raw sex. Skin to skin, cock to pussy. Anywhere, anytime. We can stiffen that cock together as we get to know each other better. Our orgasms will be out of this world and you can listen to me use my vibrator if you want to. Raw, hot sex. I am happy to do what you want so that we can cum together over and over again. Pussy Galore, eat your heart out. Call me, you won't be disappointed. I am so hot just now and so wet so come on call me. ZORINA 6466

Personal Number: 6466

My naughty secret: I love sex in the changing rooms of the swimming pool after a swim, in toilet cubicles at clubs and pubs, I love to wear no knickers under my clothes so that I am always ready and I love filming porn with amateur actors. It is so hot and I always get my fill when filming is over. Zorina 6466

I would love to: Get your cock out while you are dialling and when I answer, tell me how hard you are and let the fun begin. Love sitting on you face, wanking and then sitting on your hard cock. Having threesomes, oral and anal sex, group sex, swinging parties, in fact most things go. I was just made to have sex.

I'm expert in: Giving you the ultimate pleasure at the deepest level. Making sure that you have the most amazing orgasms and enabling you to rid all of the sexual stress that builds up. 6466

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