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GB flag Zorina

"Hey guys. Want some hot and steamy bank holiday Sex and dirty talk. Call me xxxx" 18:33

Zorina: 40, Caucasian, Athletic
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Zorina's Private Diary

Saturday April 7 added 7th April, 2018, 16:49

Well wdiary it has been a roller coaster of highs and highers this last while. I am so into the sex scene now I cannot imagine how life was before. I feel liberated beyond belief having tried so many new ideas, positions, playthings and much much more.

It has been a great experience with my new find. He is a personal trainer and I was so lucky to sign up at the gym near to where I live.

Well, talk about fit. He bursts at the seams of his clothes but what I noticed most of all, after seeing his huge biceps was this huge bulge in his very tight pants.

I could swear that when I was standing near him, asking him some questions, that his cock was twitching in his pants. So fucking sexy.

You can imagine that I signed up pretty quickly and got talking to my new protegee.

Finding out the hours he works was easy and I know that he was very eager to fill me in when the best times to exercise were, when there were very few people around. So early early mornings and later evenings and that is exactly what I have been doing.

To be honest I haven't had to use much of the gym equipment properly because we have been having this most amazing sex and we have worked up so much of a sweat without touching any of the bars at all.

He can pick me up so easily and move me to wherever he thinks we could get it on and which is best for us both, because sometimes there are other people in there too. That has made it very exciting knowing that at any minute someone could catch us. Nothing like it.

I have lost around 5kgs in the past two weeks and am really toned up now.

My pussy just tingles at every opportunity and even now when I am walking, I can feel friction between my legs thinking of Rocky's cock fucking me wild.

He is a gentle guy but he has a huge sexual appetite and for some reason, we just fit together properly. I am not so stupid as to think that I was the only one but I am enjoying the sex for however long it will last.

He has a beautiful tongue and I am just getting wet thinking of how he curls it round my pussy, then moves it inside, as deep as he can, with his nose right up to my clit while he is doing it.

He is an expert on my g spot and the orgasms have just made me shudder so much I am left weak at the knees.

His cock is an unbelievable size, well girth more than length. It must be about 3 1/2 inches girth and 7 1/2 inches erect, so a girl can't complain with that and his helmet glistens with that lovely pre cum just appears on the top of his helmet, just before penetration. It is such a turn on to watch his erect cock, stick straight out from his body and I love to watch it throb. It is very visible.

Then he gives himself a wank until that cum starts to come out and then it is time to give him a lovely suck for giving me so much pleasure.

We stop before he cums and get into whatever positions we are going to use and then, that first feel of that slimy helmet along my clit, sends me into orbit and everything else goes out the window. Nothing else matters when we reach that point of no return. It is the most unreal experience and it just takes us over.

Our sex is so frantic and frenzied that it never takes me long to climax and he is able to make me cum at least 3 times before he empties his sacks into my vagina.

Beautiful. Cannot say any more.

Use your imagination for the rest. Have a good day. I bet you are feeling real hard now and trust me, I would fuck you in a heartbeat because I am just totally wired up for sex. xxxxxxx

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Zorina's Description

I love to experience hot, raw sex. Skin to skin, cock to pussy. Anywhere, anytime. We can stiffen that cock together as we get to know each other better. Our orgasms will be out of this world and you can listen to me use my vibrator if you want to. Raw, hot sex. I am happy to do what you want so that we can cum together over and over again. Pussy Galore, eat your heart out. Call me, you won't be disappointed. I am so hot just now and so wet so come on call me. ZORINA 6466

Personal Number: 6466

My naughty secret: I love sex in the changing rooms of the swimming pool after a swim, in toilet cubicles at clubs and pubs, I love to wear no knickers under my clothes so that I am always ready and I love filming porn with amateur actors. It is so hot and I always get my fill when filming is over. Zorina 6466

I would love to: Get your cock out while you are dialling and when I answer, tell me how hard you are and let the fun begin. Love sitting on you face, wanking and then sitting on your hard cock. Having threesomes, oral and anal sex, group sex, swinging parties, in fact most things go. I was just made to have sex.

I'm expert in: Giving you the ultimate pleasure at the deepest level. Making sure that you have the most amazing orgasms and enabling you to rid all of the sexual stress that builds up. 6466

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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16 hours ago

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