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Zorina's Private Diary

9th January 2017 Monday added 9th January, 2017, 22:55

Hello diary. Well another day dawns and I hope that you had a good rest last night, I did.

So I had an amazing time last night with B. He is a super designer in London and is 12 years younger than me, but he loves a mature woman.

He is so sexy that it oozes out of every pore in his body.

We got up close and very personal in his London flat and I have to say that he is so sexy.

Firstly off came his suit and tie and off came my lovely little black dress.

He stood there in the most beautiful pair of boxers I have ever seen and I stood in front of him in my black silk, seamed stockings, in my Stilettoes, no suspender belt tonight as I had hold ups on and I think this drove him wild.

My lovely tits were being held up by a strapless black, lacy bra which I can tell you didn't stay on for long, leaving me with tiny panties and my stockings.

I had no option diary but to look down to see what he might have inside those boxers and what I saw left me speechless.

He had the biggest bulge in his boxers that I have ever seen.

It drove me wild and I am afraid I had to just pull the pants off of him as quickly as I could then stripped off my own panties

When his boxers came down out sprung a huge 7 inch cock that was so thick, it was like the branch of a tree. Unreal.

We didn't have long so got straight down to dirty matters.

The only way he could fuck me was to get me on the edge of the bed and he got my legs and wrapped them around his waist as he tried to penetrate me.

I know I am tight but with B trying to fit that huge cock inside me was both painful at first and then, well, words fail me when he got that fat cock inside, it felt like I was going to explode even though he was only at the entrance to my pussy. I think I squirted after about 2 minutes and as he got further and further inside me, orgasmic spasms overtook me again and again as he thrusted and lunged deep and fast inside me.

Being that bit younger than me he had so much stamina and staying power and I ended up having four orgasms in a row and I think that we could have probably gone on for a good few hours but when he came, it was long and hard.

Poor B was shattered after a long days work we decided to call it a day as we both needed to get some rest.

I left him alone and went home and I slept as if I hadn't had any sleep for a whole 48 hours. i was so satisfied but so tired and happy and just thinking about that girth and ability he had to make me come so many times, is making me wet wet wet again diary.

Forgive me for going on about things but it was a night I won't forget in a long time. My pussy aches for his lovely cock, really. Hope I get to see him again soon so fingers crossed.

Good night diary and thank you for the space on your pages. xxxx

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Zorina's Description

I love to experience hot, raw sex. Skin to skin, cock to pussy. Anywhere, anytime. We can stiffen that cock together as we get to know each other better. Our orgasms will be out of this world and you can listen to me use my vibrator if you want to. Raw, hot sex. I am happy to do what you want so that we can cum together over and over again. Pussy Galore, eat your heart out. Call me, you won't be disappointed. I am so hot just now and so wet so come on call me. ZORINA 6466

Personal Number: 6466

My naughty secret: I love sex in the changing rooms of the swimming pool after a swim, in toilet cubicles at clubs and pubs, I love to wear no knickers under my clothes so that I am always ready and I love filming porn with amateur actors. It is so hot and I always get my fill when filming is over. Zorina 6466

I would love to: Get your cock out while you are dialling and when I answer, tell me how hard you are and let the fun begin. Love sitting on you face, wanking and then sitting on your hard cock. Having threesomes, oral and anal sex, group sex, swinging parties, in fact most things go. I was just made to have sex.

I'm expert in: Giving you the ultimate pleasure at the deepest level. Making sure that you have the most amazing orgasms and enabling you to rid all of the sexual stress that builds up. 6466

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