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starcat's Private Diary

saturday night fever added 11th December, 2016, 19:35

A few year's ago I was coming home from a night out - it was about 1.30am and I remember putting my key in the door but as I turned the lock I heard a woman groaning! For a moment I was stunned and could't think what it was, but then accompanying the groaning I heard a fence rhythmically banging against its fence post and then I immediately knew that it was some lucky woman being fucked by a guy!

All of a sudden I felt my pussy start throbbing. I just knew I had to get inside my house and through into the back garden where I could hear this woman having sex more. So carefully I unlocked the door, crept through the house and out into my back garden where I laid down on the lawn, looked up at the stars and heard this couple fucking.

I was wearing a short skirt, top and some panties and immediately my hand slipped down into my panties and I started brushing my clit. The woman was groaning louder and the fucking was getting faster so I gauged that she would be coming soon, but I wanted to pace myself and not climax to early, so as to prolong my excitement.

I kept brushing my pussy lips slowly and then two fingers slipped into my pussy and from there I felt in heaven, feeling my pussy slowly creaming up, getting wetter and wetter...

I knew I didn't have much time now - the fence was banging louder and louder, so relaxing my shoulders back on to the cool grass and letting my legs fall wide open, I looked up at the sky and let the orgasm envelope over my body.

At pretty much the same time, the woman's cries got to a level of orgasmic delight, to the point of no return and I then I heard her shatter as her body gave in to the orgasm which welled up inside her. The guy too came, probably inside her and then there was silence, a few giggles and then the couple walked away. I lay there for a moments in a blissful state of relax, enjoying the cool, quivering autumn night air, and then I too got up and went back into my house where I probably slept like an angel, resting on a cloud.

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starcat's Description

sexy, tall, amazonian goddess wanting to let you enter her jungle. You will be taken on an exotic and amazing journey which will prove to be unforgettable. Let her show you around and she will unlock secrets that will blow your mind away!

Personal Number: 8616

My naughty secret: I have thousands of naughty secrets which I can't wait to tell you about so that you can go wild on ecstasy when you hear about them!

I would love to: have you pleasure me! I want you to give me the biggest, sweetest, dirtiest orgasm before you can release and let yourself reach dazzling heights of orgasmic delight!

I'm expert in: deep hard penetration blow jobs 69 orgies anal 3some with another girl or boy anything you want baby!

Country: IT flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
6 hours ago

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