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SexyDonna's Private Diary

spanking a nawty man added 19th March, 2017, 22:51

"Would you like to explain how this happened?" donna demanded
irritably, waving a thin slip of paper in her simons face.
simon looked down fearfully at donnas feet, one of which was tapping
slowly, like an angry cat's tail. He risked a glance at donnas friend
Megan, who was standing nearby in the doorway to the kitchen, a look of
wonderment and excitement on her face. She had never seen a woman so
completely intimidate a man, especially a larger man, with so few words.
simon stalled for time, hoping the moment would pass, trying to avoid
what he knew was coming. Without warning, a stinging slap brought his
head up, as donnas right hand smartly contacted his left ass cheek.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" she ordered him, her normally cool
blue eyes now frosty with anger.
The red mark left by her fingers disappeared almost instantly as her
surprised and humiliated simon flushed full red, the color rising to
his cheeks and ears. Megan watched with growing interest and not a
little awe as donna backed her simon up,
simon was now sputtering like a wet candle, glancing quickly from his
beautiful mistress donna, now thoroughly mad, to Megan, looking for solace where
there was none to be found.
"Uh - um, I, er, wait a minute, donna. I meant to take care of it,
honest!" he babbled, watching donna right hand for signs of
Megan saw donnas eyes narrow as she venomously confronted the shocked
and embarrassed simon;
"This is a summons to appear in court, you idiot! I got stopped and
nearly arrested for driving an unregistered and un-inspected vehicle!
You promised me you'd take care of this last week!"
Fuming, she regarded her still sputtering naughty simon, adding,
"Megan and I had to do some slick talking to the police, and believe me,
mister, we're going to make you pay for our inconvenience."
simons face went gray, his breathing shallow and rapid as he stood
silently waiting for donna to drop the bomb. He fidgeted nervously,
knowing what was going to happen to him, but powerless to do anything
about it. donna was on the warpath, and he was right in the way.
She leaned back a bit, folding her arms across her chest, the red-
painted tips of her slim, tapered fingers drumming on her sweater
sleeves, showing her annoyance.
"Well?" she demanded, "I'm waiting for your lame excuse. Or would you
rather get spanked without even trying to explain yourself?"
The poor man nearly collapsed. Mortified beyond belief, he looked at
first donna and then her friend with a beseeching glance, blushing
even more deeply at the broad grin on Megan's face.
"Spanked?" Megan thought to herself, wanting to laugh out loud.
"donna spanks him?"  her mind continued the thread, "Oh, wow. This
I've got to see; and what had she said about both of them making him
pay?" It was becoming more interesting by the moment. She turned her
attention back to the hapless simon, who was still struggling.
Fumbling for words, he finally managed to stutter,
"I - I forgot, hon." He pleaded, not wanting to look at her, but afraid
to take his eyes away, lest her palm bring them back by force. Rubbing
his left cheek in recollection, he continued,
"I'm sorry, really, I just...." the words trailed off as he saw his
donnas hand spak him hard
At five-seven to his five-nine, donna was on an even plane with him
in her high heels. This put them eyeball to eyeball, and simon didn't
like what he saw. The beautiful ash-blonde woman before him was his mistress he had fun and so did i

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