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"Mmmm, wanna have some fun? It's Saturday.... I'm ready! Caller cam available upon request. Ext 5787" 21:39

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Malou: 29, Caucasian, Slim

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Malou's Private Diary

Sex with an audience added 14th November, 2016, 11:38

This happened a few years back when I lived in France. I was dating this really nice guy who had a very sensual and sexual side to him that you could never have guessed by looking a him. When I was at his place he loved me walking around naked because he knew the man in the apartment building across could see me. One day I was in the kitchen, wearing just a dressing gown and I could see the neighbour was in his kitchen, and more importantly, he could see me. My boyfriend came into the kitchen and started kissing me on the neck, slipping his hands inside my dressing gown. I told him to stop, the neighbour can see us. He just replied ; so what... and he untied my dressing gown and it fell to the floor... he then turned me so I was facing the window, he was standing behind me. And he started to caress my breasts with one hand and with the other hand he stared to play with my shaved pussy. By now the neighbour was watching us, hiding behind the curtains, but we could see him moving. My boyfriend now had his fingers inside my pussy and I had a foot on a chair, so the neighbor could see my wet pussy being fingered. By now I was begging to be fucked, so my boyfriend pulled down his trousers, bent me over the kitchen table and started to fuck me, while we both played with my clit. By now the neighbor had his cock in his hand, wanking in front of the window for us to see. While my boyfriend was pounding away at my pussy. He then pulled out his cock and pushed it inside my ass. I moaned like crazy, and the neighbour was wanking his cock even harder! The sight of that hard cock going in and out of my tight ass was making him go wild. The three is us made eye contact and it turned me on like crazy. It was a weird form of threesome. And then we all came together....

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Malou's Description

I'm getting totally addicted to this site. You are all so deliciously naughty and wonderful and I just can't keep away! What can I say about myself? Well, I'm the classic good girl who's a lady in public, but then turns into a real whore in bed. I love massages, sucking, fucking, roleplay, fantasies, bondage, submission, domination, -I believe in trying everything at least once! And believe me, I've tried most things...

Personal Number: 5787

My naughty secret: I'm the good girl that no one would suspect would be such a naughty whore in the bedroom, in fact most people believe I'm like an ice maiden... And they could never have imagined me being on this site. But the truth is that I just love being able to explore, play and cum with you on the phone.

I would love to: I would love to give you the perfect blowjob! No hands, just mouth, lips and tongue... Taking it deep, and enjoying the taste of your cum as you explode in my mouth!

I'm expert in: I just love sex and trying new things. I do love giving blowjobs. I get so turned on by sucking on a hard cock... I also love roleplay, fantasies, light bondage and the submission-domination game...

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