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"Back after a long break. Anyone up for a visit? LL" 21:22

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LadyLeana's Private Diary

Back To Business added 5 days ago

Well it's been a while since my last diary entry but, then again, I've not been around for a few months.

If you've read my new profile you will understand the next bit:
Travelling? not so much; meeting new people... most definitely yes; achieving world peace... going to take a bit more work.

Things had started to get a bit out of hand when I was on phones and cam last time and I just felt that everything was getting out of control and the fun had gone out of everything so it was time to call it quits.

Having had a break and time to recharge my batteries I realised that I was missing the fun I had. It was really brought home when I decided to have a bit of fun in front of the camera for my private collection. Why couldn't I still have the same sort of fun with you guys?

So, anyway, I have put some new photos up and I am getting ready to come back on cam, but this time it will be a bit different and I intend to make it a bit more fun and not get so stressed about it all.

I still expect you all to mind your 'P's and 'Q's, but for those that do I hope you will appreciate what I offer in return.

Only a couple of days now and the nervous excitement is starting to mount. I hope that some of you will decide to pay a visit.

Until Sunday


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LadyLeana's Description

We apologise for the disruption but normal service has now been resumed. After my short break, you will find me back up to my old tricks on phone - lady or tramp it's for you to choose. I have spiced things up on cam and have a new set of pics for you to look at. If they get your juices flowing then why not come and visit. But always remember my room, my rules. The number to call is 8912 or click on my pic.

Personal Number: 8912

My naughty secret: Call me so that we can share our secrets together, I have a couple you might be interested in. Let me help you to explore your fantasies. Don't keep me waiting too long.

I would love to: Travel the world, meet new people and achieve world peace ;-) If it's good enough for Miss World then why not me??

I'm expert in: Hot, wet phone sex, I don't always behave like a lady - where do you think I got my pearl necklace from? ;-D

Country: IT flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
3 hours ago

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