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"Im waiting to watch you" 16:40

HotVikki: 45, Caucasian, Large
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Encounter. added 24th May, 2017, 16:59

As im so short, I sometimes have problems reaching items from up high. So while in the supermarket, I asked a pleasent looking women, who was about 5.6 tall, if she would get something down for me. She laughed, and handed me the item. She then looked and said, I hope you dont mind me saying, but you have great looking tits. I was a bit shocked, but thanked her. She added that they would be very suckable. I moved off and continued with my shopping. I admit it made me smile. When I got to the car, the woman was parked beside me. She said "so we meet again". I again thanked her for the comment about my tits. She looked at me again, she said she would love to have a look at them. I will say it was very horny. She got into the drivers side of her car, it was a big SUV. I hopped into the passenger side. She lent across and rubbed her hand over my tits. She pulled up my t/shirt, and let out a moan. I knew they would be great. She asked me yto un-hook by bra. Which I did, and let my tits slide out. She took my right tit in her hand, and then started to slick my nipple. Oh it felt so good. She then moved onto the left nipple. I could feel myself getting wet. I know I was moaning. I wanted her to keep sucking. But all to soon, she stopped. She smiled and asked when I would be at the supermarket next. That maybe next time I could suck her nipples. I pulled my t/shirt down, got out of her car. She drove away. I cant wait until next Friday. I know im going to meet her again.

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HotVikki's Description

Hi there, if you like huge tits, you should look me up, the girls need lots of attention, if you have large hands then you could handle them. I love to have my big brown nipples sucked and pulled. They get so hard when I am excited. I also get really wet, when turned on. I also have really long dark hair, which can be used to hold onto when you fuck me.

Personal Number: 4428

My naughty secret: I was on the beach in the hot sun, topless, I knew this guy was watching me, so I slowly let my hand drop down to my panties and work its way inside. He kept watching as I worked my fingers inside them. He was still watching when I made myself cum. Then I watched as he make himself cum.

I would love to: I would love to have sex on the beach or in the wood, be so horny, the chance that some one would be walking past and see my naked tits bouncing up and down, as I am fucked from behind, doggy style by a huge hard cock

I'm expert in: I am excellent at giving blow job, rolling my tongue over the top and down the sides. I love to suck balls, I love to take a cock in my ass, all the way in, then I need to be pounded hard.

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