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HornyAngel's Private Diary

Hot and Hard added 2nd May, 2016, 19:17

Mark always gets home from work before i do,so i wasen,t surprised to see the house lit up when i got home last night. I knew he was there,but there was no answer when i called for him.Finally,i found him out back,unwinding in the jacuzzi.The drive home from work tends to leave me a little tense,so the jacuzzi looked a great idea.I quickly changed into my skimpy bikini and joine Markout back.He was sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi sipping wine.He reached for my hand and helped me step in.The swirling jets of the hot tub started to massage the day's stress right out of me.Mark and i sat with our eyes closed and let the magic bubbles take our tentsions away.After a while,Mark stood upto stretch and then leaned back on the edge of the tub.His wet skin glistened and i felt an urge to touch him.I slid over between his legs and rose up to kiss his nipples.His cock trembled against me and i knew it wanted some attention.It got bigger and bigger as i massaged it.I moved Marks swimsuit to the side and knelt in front of him,Sliding my hand up and down his cock.I gave the tip a passionate kiss,And the took the whole thing into my mouth.Marks legs tensed and a expression of pure pleasure crossed his face,Smiling,he leaned back,savouring the warmth of my mouth on his dick.His whole body tightened,and i knew that meant he was about to spunk,so i backed off.I wasen't ready to end the session yet.Mark slid back down into the water and kissed me,and i wrapped my legs around him.He held me close with one hand and reached for the glass of wine with the other.We both sipped enjoying the flavour it added to our kisses.Then Mark turned his attention to me.He caressed my tits under the warm bubbles,and i closed my eyes and drifted away,my mind filled with erotic images.Marks fingertips circled my nipples and i tilted my head back and pushed my tits forward,eager for more.He read my body language and leaned forward to take my nipple in his mouth while he continued to caress the other one.Then he slid from my nipple,stroked my tits and nibbled on my neck.He gave me a luscious deep kiss and i saw myself as an exotic woman making love to her man.Suddenly i felt the urge to have him inside me.Iwrapped my legs tighter,and he knew what i wanted.He slid his hot shaft between my legs and into my warm,ready cunt.Ipumped up and down on him,my tits bouncing on top of the bubbles.Mark was transfixed by the sight.He moaned softly and closed his eyes, drifting away from the moment.Then he took charge and moved back onto the seat of the jacuzzi.I straddled him and he kissed me as he slid inside my cunt again.Both lost in ecstasy,we pumped in rhythm under the hot bubbling water jets.Marks body stiffened and i felt him explode in me.He groaned and grasped me tightly.That put me over the top.I came too,in perfect sync with him.We collapsed against each other,letting the soothing water and the cool evening air bring us back to earth.After a few minutes,Mark told me he was sure glad i had talked him into getting a jacuzzi in our yard.i would buy one if i was you .........

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HornyAngel's Description

Hi my name is HornyAngel! I have a very high sex drive - love playing with my pussy, light anal, nipple sucking, deep throat bow jobs! I love being taken from behind and spreading my lips wide. Nothing I love more than choking on a big, hard cock! You will enjoy dirty, filthy sex with me from the moment you see me! Men, women, couples are very welcome!love playing with my big collection of toys, and dressing up come and join me !!!!!!

Personal Number: 4799

My naughty secret: I love to be naughty and dirty! Love having my picture taken while having hot, steamy sex! Also totally bisexual! My naughty secret is i've tried dogging it was so good, having sex in my car while men stand there watching, and playing with their hard cocks. So naughty.. !!!!!

I would love to: Would love to have my desires, fantasies and my hottest moments with you! I want them to be dirty and unforgettable - I want to leave you begging for more!and be at my mercy !!!!

I'm expert in: Teasing men, pleasing them and getting them very excited! Giving amazing webcam shows and blow your mind!expert in sucking cock, tit wanks, arse play, pussy play, foot fetish, sucking and licking tits

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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