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Babestation, Studio 66, and Xpanded TV – The History of UK Babeshows

The babeshow channels have appeared on UK Television since 2002 and include Babestation, Studio 66, Xpanded, and Playboy TV Chat. While Babestation was the first babeshow channel on UK television, it was not the first in Europe. The channels first appeared on the Hot Bird satellite. Sexysat TV was the first of these. It was originally filmed out of the Netherlands but is now filmed in Slovakia.

Babestation was started in 2002. Filming took place in studios close to Great Portland Street in the West End of London. Now it is filmed in Milton Keynes. This is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. It currently runs the channels Babestation Xtra on Freeview channel 174 and Babestation on Sky Channel 906 and Freesat channel 870.

Studio 66 is filmed in studios in Chiswick, West London. Studio 66 has three channels on Sky. They appear on channel numbers 912, 940, and 941 and are known as Studio 66 channels 1, 2, and 3.

Xpanded TV can be found on Freeview Channel 182. It is also on Sky Channel 914. Playboy TV Chat is on Sky Channel 902.

At this time only Babestation is found on Virgin Media. None of the other babe channels can be found on it. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Many girls have appeared on multiple babeshow channels. Former Babestation babes who are currently on Xpanded include Lacey Lorenzo, Honey Scott, and Stevie Louise. Girls who have appeared on both Studio 66 and Xpanded TV include names such as Rebecca Ryder, Carmel Moore, Tiffany Rose, and Jennifer Jade. Other hosts who have appeared on multiple babeshow channels include Priya Young, Sophie Hart, Jasmine James, Nicole Snow, and Amanda Rendall.

Lacey Lorenzo has featured on Babestation in the past but now appears on Xpanded TV. She has made mainstream media appearances on shows such as Judge Rinder. She has also been featured in many news publications. These include the Mirror, Independent, Daily Mail, Metro, Telegraph, and the Daily Star. Rosie Rendall and Amanda Rendall of Xpanded TV have both been featured in The Sun newspaper.

The babeshows have extended their presence online. They now feature more explicit live webcam shows than can be seen on television. They also offer phone sex chat lines with girls who aren’t featured on the babe TV stations.

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